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Stephen W. Foster had an interest in music since around the age of 5 years. In those days my family were church goers so I was exposed to hymns and carols. I loved the sound of the music booming around the church walls. My father was a church organist so at home he owned a piano. During the 1960’s the changing music scene was occurring I quickly latched on to the new sounds being created with the groups of the time. Notably The Kinks, Dave Clark Five, The Honeycombs. Dave Davies had created a new fuzz box sound and I loved the effect. Dave Clark thumping drums with Mike Smith’s vocals were outstanding. However, I never actually owned a guitar until I was 15 years old. During the 1970’s I began playing in a local band in Pubs and very occasionally in social clubs. It was at this time I began writing my own music. I gave up when I got married in 1981 as raising a family my priority changed to earning money to provide and build a stable home. My love of music has retained during those years but by chance I saw an offer of a starter pack Fender Stratocaster and bought it for fun. I created 'Astral Rock' in the late 2000's to showcase Original Rock Music. 2 Albums were recorded during 2007 and 2008. 'Astral Rock' and 'Astral Travel' 'Shy and Retiring' is the 3rd Album 2019 with 'Grungedad' and 'Pente (Mount Olympus)' following in 2020. A few cover versions were recorded by request and the album 'Covers' was created in the winter 2020. The latest album release 'Tastes Like Gold' is available on Bandcamp and can be seen on my Website. I have now created an account with Distrokid and released my ' Shy & Retiring' EP July '21 it is available on most streaming sites the latest release was a collaboration with American lyricist Bob Love where the 5 track EP ‘A Little Dark Blue Mood Music’ was released through Bandcamp and streaming sites worldwide in November 2021 .

Stephen W. Foster

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