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NDNP values your privacy so that means any information apart from: Nominated email accounts, website address, contact # (Your choice too supply) Song clips authorised for display on this site, release dates for singles/Ep, Or any other information considered as personal or "In Commercial Interest" will not be disseminated as public knowledge unless pre authorised by the parties authorised (Group, Soloist, representative of, public relations, record labels) consent.
Any release of information request or authorisation of such data will only be given and actioned if authorised by the agreed representative that you nominate to NDNP.

Code of Conduct:


A few easy rules to follow:

1) Any interactions in the members area of this site is too be conducted in a civil manner meaning that NDNP will not tolerate any behaviour that is considered to constitute: Harrassment, Coercion, Intimidation.
2) Any form of Sexual harrassment will not be tolerated on this site nor in any member area on this site. Anyone found to have breached this basic rule will be removed from the site and NDNP will no longer accept association with that individual/Group. 
3) Any knowledge gained by fellow members on this site both "In Commercial Interest" and or "Personal" concerning individual members/groups/commercial entities/NDNP is not allowed to be disclosed nor disseminated to any other party unless agreed upon by site management and/or the indivual/group that it pertains too.
4) Any form of Racism will not be tolerated it goes against everything that "One World, many voices stands for. This is a safe space for artistic development for the betterment of humankind.

It doesnt cost anything to be civil to each other.

AND please remember we are all here too network and promote talent. Great things can happen when people are open to possibilities. 

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