Musica Internationale' needs Artists

CH89 Globals' Music Program Musica Internationale' needs more artists to promote, play and work with to help ensure that your music is heard. This is an open letter to CH89 Global Followers on Twitter.

CH89 Global Social Contract

Next Door Neighbour Productions (ndnp) is committed to getting your music heard and we do this by:

1) Programming your music into CH89 Global's music show, Musica Internationale'

2) Giving you a playlist presence on the CH89 Global YouTube channel.

3) Promoting your music on CH89 Global social media acounts on: Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo & Tik Tok.

4) Giving you access to create your own blogs and announcements through our website

5) Optional updates of gigs coming up featured on Musica Internationale' & updated on the website.

6) Your music played on ch89 global Radio (Powered by ZenoFM)

What we need from you?

1) MP3 files of your music for radio

2) Links to all social media sites utilized to promote your music from your artist listing on

3) The name of your YouTube channel (If you have one)

4) Any JPEG or PNG files of Pictures, Promotions & Album Covers

5) And Most importantly Promote CH89 Global to your fan base and increase awareness in your local artistic community.

And this is all free of charge to you!

How to submit MP3 files? Click in the following link to go to "file sharing" on the website:

Join our Members section, meet like minded people from all over the world. Share tips, Ask Questions, Share Information:

Step 1: Go too

Step 2: Click On Log In.

Step 3: Click on "Sign Up"

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CH89 Global Radio

I hope too see many of you in the future and look firward to working with you all.

Paul Williams - Next Door Neighbour Productions