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Ch89 Global Radio has been playing your tracks for a few months now via the "auto DJ" function on ZenoFM. But now it's time to have specific genre based programming featuring artists, their music and their personalities. By now you should have seen a message from Magpie Sally on Facebook Messenger introducing you the planned project for Indie artists titled "Indie Jukebox". The programming will be played 3-4 times weekly (Including Friday & Saturday nights, where the music selection will evolve into party programming later and into the wee hours of the morn'.

Along with this other Genres will quickly follow, including services to maximise your promotion. As always there is no cost here too you just potential for you, your group and/or your act!

Promo's, Voice Overs & Advertising are and will be produced by NDNP (Next Door Neighbour Productions). ZenoFM also has tools that will interest you, donations can be made to you by listeners, also Zeno actively promotes it's good performing stations to advertisers bringing in revenue. These ad's are scheduled regularly and percentage of payment to NDNP from Zeno is paid to you, based on the hours you are on air (ch89globalradio). And ads that are played during the times you are being streamed means, YOU, will earn cash from! This is an opportunity to get over the top creative and original to draw in listeners.

Meet Justin

Justin is the face of the current campaign for ch89globalradio currently being advertised through Facebook reaching 100K people per day globally.

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