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Hi, there team! A special edition of producers monthly as there are a few topics and ideas I wanted to share and get feedback on. Firstly thank you to all who have come on board and realize the potential of CH89 and Musica Internationale' the feedback so far has been extraordinary and is starting to validate the dream I have had for years in setting something like this up.

So the reason for this newsletter is to float some ideas and hopefully get some of you interested in expanding your presence not only on this platform but also as a way to attract more fans and more lovers of your music!

Host your own show!

In order for this channel to grow and thus serve you the artist to its fullest capacity, it is important to offer quality content, personality, community, and be dynamic!

1) Host your own music show - Featuring artists from your own country.

2) Host either the rock, metal or popular music segments on CH89 - In fact you could on a rotational basis.

3) Master Class - Help others on their own journey, classes where you know you could make a difference.

4) Broadcast your Gig - Film it and let the world see!

5) Station promos help CH89 create and gain exposure.

(In this world of hi-tech phones and instant communication it has never been easier to broadcast)


CH89 will be actively pursuing advertisers and agreements to cross-promote other like-minded businesses in the music and arts industry. Primarily wanting to focus on businesses that have the capability to ship goods and services globally or at least within continental Europe or the U.S. to the U.K. Australia, Sth America, or Asia. This will increase the quality and reach of CH89 whilst also allow to set -up the "Artist Fund". (Refer to

More diversity

CH89 also wants to be a diverse place to find a wide range of music genres catering to more tastes and also wants to support artists in getting their sound out to the world! As well as this I'd like to also focus on music from indigenous cultures from around the world as well, so I am asking if you know where one might want to look or know of artists in genres such as Jazz, Classical, Easy Listening, Rap, Hip Hop, RNB. Indigenous artists, Rock, Metal, Opera, Country & Western, then show them the concept of CH89 & Musica Internationale'.

Join Us!

If you haven't yet registered as a member in the NDNP members portal or submitted music to be played or promoted then please do so, you can contact me directly via email: where you find your fellow artists, and on the home page there is a login section where you can join us on CH89.

Until next time!

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