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Channel 89 & Musica Internationale' - Introducing new programming.

Hello, Artists and friends of Musica Internationale' & Channel 89! Firstly, a great big welcome to those people who have recently joined us. I wanted to reiterate what we stand for and what I am planning on achieving through this channel.

Channel 89 with its programming aims to be a conduit between you the artist and a wider audience worldwide!

Next door neighbor productions who owns and operates Channel 89 which features Musica Internationale' is increasingly gaining a foothold in the U.S. Europe, U.K. & Australia. with artists in each of the geographical area's we can now start spreading the word, which is great for the artists who use Channel 89 to promote their music. But more needs to be done as we need a presence in Latin American countries and Asia, thus making this a truly global project that serves to promote the work of aspiring and emerging artists globally, indeed "One world, Many voices!


So what does this mean? Programming has been established to cater to the different genres of music that will be divided into segments (Programs) with timeslots, featuring your music streamed across YouTube and Facebook. The website will feature all artists with links to their sites and social media pages. The aim is to build a fan base and drive sales of your music, enabling you to produce more and entertain more! Programming will start with:

DJ's - Metal, House, Rock & Dance - However we want more encompassing a wide range of genres and artists, so if you know of artists that want to be part of this refer them!

So from 17/07/2021 Channel 89 will start broadcasting (Streaming on a weekly basis) replaying broadcasts so U.S. European, U.K. will watch in prime time.

So submit your tracks, tell me a little about yourself (email

There will be a guide posted in the blog section on the info you might want to share and an MP 4 copy of your song (s) DJ's - Metal, House, Rock & Dance

We would like to have a big show to kick off with so, please have materials submitted by C.O.B Friday the 16th of July (Australian time, be mindful of time difference)


Next Door Neighbour Productions does require permission to stream your music, so I ask that you click the link in this section and fill it out and send it back to:

Sign up to

As part of the website, there is also a members area that has the capability for internal messaging, blogs, and board posts. Part of the experience is the ability to learn, share ideas and advice from different artists that are a part of Channel 89.

(Click the Member button and sign up from the home page)

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Look forward to working with you all, remember any questions please touch base.


Paul Williams

Next Door Neighbour Productions.

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