Project description: Help America celebrate the 4th of July by sending them a tribute. The program (Title TBA) will be streamed via YouTube on July 4th, 2021.

Why? As we have witnessed it hasn't been a good time for America of late, so a few of us have decided to provide some support, a reminder of what makes America special. We in Australia often talk about allies and friends, well think of this as a she'll be right mate, moment from artists both here in Australia and overseas. People communicating to people, friends shaking hands (nearly kept on going there with the Louis Armstrong rendition)

As an artist what do I do to join in? You have two options either pick a cover version of an American song or write your own. But keep in mind that people do want to hear songs that move them, songs that they know, songs that will inspire togetherness, even if just for the day!

How will this happen? Well pick the song you best feel would convey all the things you want to say, for example America is a melting pot of different cultures and beliefs. America introduced the world to Jazz, invented rock and roll, and crowned a king! America told of its heartbreak and joy, it's struggles and celebrations through song, as every country does. Once you have your song and you go through your process as an artist, rehearse, and get it right then film it!

1) Must be sent in MP4 format

2) Keep the length to no more than 5 minutes for most, but if you can deliver something special that is longer, we'll ok it!

3) Be creative as you can be with as little resources (Monetary) as possible.

4) reimagine but don't destroy! Some songs just need to stay the way they were intended, whilst others lend themselves to something new.

5) Create a simple yet amazing film clip.

6) 1 common factor in everyone's video is the inclusion of 4thofJuly, not incorporated in the song unless it's written in the lyrics but visible for all to see.

The successful entries will go into production formatted and assigned according to relevance, genre, target age range and remember a national day is for all tastes so there is no shortage of American music too choose from. (Please check links for Copyright on this page) And Finally the show stoppers! The segment where the Patriotic, the uplifting and the inspiring get presented!

Who Is invited to submit? If you have what it takes and want to join in (Please do) then there is no barrier to geographic location, no barrier to age. If you want your voice, sound etc. to be potentially noticed, liked, subscribed too in the U.S. There is no guarantees obviously but the team in Australia and the U.S. will be using every appropriate tool to market the show, but guys we need you too play your part via your social media contacts too!

Finally the absolute not under any circumstance rules of broadcasting:

No Profanity, Period!

No Gratuitous Violence!

No songs that promote racial segregation nor racism!

No Sexism!

No homophobic tones!

No lifestyle shaming!

No songs that are insensitive to any lifestyle choices!

No songs that vilify or have harmful exclusionary meanings, undertones nor promote violence against any belief, religion & cultural practices.

And please dress appropriately (That means no slogans on clothing that may offend) but other than that creative costuming depending on what you're doing is great!

What's in it for me and is there a winner?

No winners apart from you for taking part and doing something outta the ordinary, and we have covered the market perspective earlier in this document.

But wait there's more, You will need to make sure that copyright for the song you are performing is good to go and it allows you to sell recordings of your performance.

Send it to ndnp001info.com

by C.O.B. Friday 25/06 (Get ya scoots on!) Myself and two other judges will review and notify the successful applicants and all those who enter by C.O.B. Monday the 28/06/2021.


*In Your Audition Submission you MUST provide evidentiary proof that copyright has been taken care of - If there are any questions, there will be a link that will give you all the legal framework and requirements pertaining to copyright in the U.S.A and your responsibilities as an artist.

Spotify: Playlists and purchase of your songs will be through the NDNP account on Spotify. NDNP will withhold 5% of total sales per artist as Administration and production fee's.

The Spotify Link will appear on this site in the coming days.

U.S. Music Modernization Act: https://www.copyright.gov/music-modernization/

Copyright and the Music Marketplace: https://www.copyright.gov/policy/musiclicensingstudy/copyright-and-the-music-marketplace.pdf

YouTube Copyright and how YouTube works: https://www.youtube.com/howyoutubeworks/policies/copyright/

Spotify Copyright Policy: www.spotify.com/us/legal/copyright-policy/

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