Our Business Statement 

NDNP (Next Door Neighbour Productions) Business.

NDNP is a registered Australian business

ABN: 51757871667

Business Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Contact Tel: 0483877986

E: ndnp001info@gmail.com

W: ndnp001.com


NDNP acknowledges the traditional owners of the land “The Boon Wurrung” the Indigenous Australians of the Kulin Nation as the first custodians of this land.


NDNP strongly advocates equality and opportunity for all.


NDNP (Next Door Neighbour Productions) is the business that owns and operates:

Channel 89 (And all artistic, commercial and marketing endeavours) is the primary broadcasting channel of NDNP.


Musica Internationale' is the headline music program broadcasting exclusively to Channel 89 subject to commercial agreement with other business entities, to reproduce images, broadcast or imply support from NDNP and its subsidiaries.


NDNP has the right to broadcast in agreement with entities and artists and their work in agreement for the purpose of promotion. This includes promotional material for NDNP, Channel 89, Musica Internationale' and future programming as directed by NDNP. Intellectual property of artists and entities broadcast on or with support of NDNP and it's subsidiaries remains under the ownership of the contributor or artist/entity that submits their work under agreement to NDNP for broadcasting and career development purposes.


NDNP maintains the right to broadcast solo performances, group performances, concerts, classes and talent subject to agreement that NDNP presenting these works in a manner which adheres to NDNP and its subsidiaries code of conduct, it's beliefs in equality and its suitability for general broadcasting for all age groups unless identified and broadcast with suitable warning and in an agreed time slot adhering to Australian broadcasting regulations.


NDNP will in conjunction with artists, entities and groups negotiate remuneration for their work based on monies earned through advertising during their allocated broadcast time (Subject to achieving YouTube minimum requirements for monetization policy and minimum standards being met) and will be calculated on a percentage share for featured artists during the time slot of broadcasting minus operational costs of NDNP.


NDNP will feature contributors, artists, talent and entities on the NDNP website and refer sales of Albums, merchandise, bookings etc. NDNP reserves the right too commission payable to NDNP for merchandise sales and album sales of 5% of sales where NDNP has actively had influence with the purchase of goods through NDNP branding, advertising and promotions.


NDNP also encourages community development and will strive where applicable to enhance, promote and assist community organisations and businesses, festivals etc. too promote artistic endeavors for the development and growth of the artistic community.


NDNP will also make available advertising space for business promoting services, products or merchandise via its channel (s) and programming (Contact NDNP for rates and guidelines)


NDNP will always work for the artist, entity, talent to ensure that the first consideration is the advancement of artistic awareness, values and career aspirations of the contributor are met and exceeded.


NDNP is registered for Australian taxation purposes'.