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                  One World Many Voices

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NDNP was conceived formally in April of 2020, it serves as the engine that powers Channel 89. The NDNP charter is the steadfast commitment of music development and promotion, NDNP believes that the reality of artistic talent, production and audience share is ease of access, marketing and streaming of music through digital capabilities globally.  

                                                                          So what is one world, many voices? 

I am intending to create a network that comprises of live streaming music, promotion and music sales worldwide. Channel 89 with flagship program, Musica Internationale' (Video Clips, interviews, awards and community development initiatives) will strive to promote and introduce music to all corners of the globe via live streaming. What is unique however is the way I plan to achieve this goal. Individual promoters can only capture so much of the market, people wishing to seek out a variety of genres, languages and talent currently have multiple memberships to sites in different countries, speaking different languages. 

'Accessibility to music has greatly increased with live streaming capabilities and on demand viewing of music through artist channels created through YouTube.'

Now however is the time to re-imagine the way that artists promote, show and sell their product by creating a network of participating businesses.

by creating a network of participating businesses. The active and most important word and market capture vehicle has been and still is 'Network'. Networking is the core ingredient to all of business success, get it wrong however and your vision of bringing music to life is severely reduced! 

'The aim is to give access to markets for artists that would have never previously been possible. 

How Channel 89 will be formatted and styled?

Live Streaming of music and artistic endeavors via Channel 89. Musica Internationale' will bring back music television (A concept tried and true that was abandoned by MTV in favor of reality programming) the reality however is that there is no creative music clip presentation nor artist promotion not for emerging artists, that can be readily consumed globally! Well there really never has been but I'll change that!

I consider my strength to be my personality, quirky, creative, business orientated, unfulfilled actor extraordinaire! Who is loyal and doesn't give up until all options are exhausted.


* Artist development programming and an artist development fund (One World Many voices fund) too lessen the financial burden of music production and artwork costs on the contributing artist.

* Content sourced will be made available for streaming and broadcast too all network participating vendors.

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